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Long distance / Airport transportation that fits 3 passengers comfortably



Local transportation / Touring vehicle that fits up to 6 passengers comfortably


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We service the Salt Lake International Airport! Need to fly? Don’t worry about expensive parking or inconveniencing friends or family. Let us take you! We drop you off or pick you up right at your gate. ...

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24/7 Taxi & Delivery

Need to get around late at night or really early in the morning? Hungry and need something brought to you? We can help you with that!  

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Book a Hotel

Need to stay a night or two in Price? We have a list of all the local hotels and motels. Book directly and let them know Castle Country Transportation referred you!  

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  • Luxury cars
    Luxury cars
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  • Lots of locations
    Lots of locations
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    Amazing app
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    Additional services
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Local Taxi

I really enjoyed my ride the the Vehicles nice and clean and comfortable nice and air conditioned it was an enjoyable ride and I will pass this information on to all the rest of my customers over at Swift that this is the taxi to take because they are real considerate and real Timely and it was a very good experience thank you.

Price to SLC Airport

Knowledge of the area and cell phone coverage. Made a 2nd drop, no problem. Called back with advice on rental cars. Jamie was awesome.

Price to Sugarhouse

Saved my bacon, thx!

Local Taxi

Everything went great for the first time using CCT, I plan to use them frequently.

Wellington to SLC Airport

Wonderful experience!!!!

Local Delivery

Quick service Love it !!!!

Local Taxi

Very helpful and courteous.

Price to Green River

Thanks for the ride to Green River!

Green River to Moab

This team is Great! They are kind and committed to help. They are simply awesome. I will be always thankful for the help the have provided to me and my son.


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